Reflex: modular software suite for logistics management

Backed by over 20 years of R&D and deployment experience, Hardis Group's Reflex software suite provides a comprehensive response to the logistics challenges of businesses in their factories, warehouses and retail outlets. In a global, ultra-competitive and connected economy, it transforms logistics into a competitive advantage, from the supplier through to final delivery.

Logistics performance, reliability and competitiveness

Our fully customizable Reflex solutions adapt to the specific requirements of your activity and the size of your business whether you are a small, medium-sized or multinational company. Designed to optimize all your logistics operations, they enable you to:

  • Control logistics and transport costs
  • Improve productivity for stock management, inventories, incoming goods, picking, shipments, returns, etc.
  • Optimize quality of service provided to your internal and external customers
  • Reduce lead times and make order picking more accurate both in the warehouse and the store
  • Simultaneously manage all your omni-channel processes: BtoB and BtoC, web-to-store, store-to-web, etc.
  • Have a real-time view of inventory wherever it is (supplier, warehouse, store)
  • Handle the specific demands of e-commerce: customization, choice of delivery methods, real-time order tracking, etc.

A complete software suite for logistics management

The Reflex software suite is modular and includes all the components for carrying out and continuously optimizing your logistics processes:

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Flexible hosting and openness

Developed according to the latest web standards (HTML5, Javascript and CSS3), our solutions are available in a license or SaaS model.

They can be deployed on your internal IT infrastructures or hosted and managed in a private Cloud in our 3 data centers in France or in IBM data centers (located throughout the world for international projects).

They interface with:

  • Your other applications: ERP, e-commerce platform, order management (OMS), retail outlet management, customer relationship management (CRM), transport management (TMS), etc.
  • Other solutions which contribute to logistics performance: mechanization systems, robots, drones, real-time goods tracking, etc.

Our teams, or those of our integrator partners abroad, provide you with their expertise gained through hundreds of integration projects. They implement and configure our solutions according to the specific requirements of your sector of activity and your logistics flows.

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